Which MATCHPLAY Superior Liquid products to use in spring

As spring renovations wrap up and the promise of a long, dry, hot summer looms it might be of some interest to quickly look at the importance of a few nutritional elements critical to a good start to summer.

Potassium (K) is certainly one of those and is needed by the plant during spring/summer in near equal amounts to nitrogen (N). Potassium is critical for stomatal closure during hot weather, thereby enabling the plant to self-regulate its cooling through transpiration.

Effective transpiration combined with good even soil moisture is the basis for prevention of wilting. Potassium is also the nutrient most impacted by high soil temperatures and will reduce in the plant quickly during such periods.

Low K = inefficient stomatal control = reduced transpiration capacity = over-heating and wilting.

MP NOURISH (10-1-10 + VAM) is an ideal choice as it delivers N:K in near equal amounts to effectively support proper plant mechanics for temperature regulation and ultimately stress management.

To support Potassium, Calcium (Ca) and Boron (B) plays important roles in the recovery process and setting turf up for the stressful summer to come. Calcium is specifically important after renovations in spring when new cells are grown – Ca is one of the major building blocks for strength in cell walls – strong cells will ensure strong robust new growth able to handle the coming summer stress. Boron works in support of Ca, think of it as the conductor of works, to ensure the most optimal positioning and incorporation of Ca into cell walls. This organisation by B also contributes greatly to proper new shoot development.

Adequate Ca + B = strong cell walls = strong new growth = stress tolerance

MP REFRESH (10-1-0 + 10Ca + 1.5B + 0.3 Si + VM3) is the ideal mixing partner for MP NOURISH, delivering highly available Ca and B.