Enhancing vegetation establishment whilst improving overall soil health

. Revegetation: essential for erosion control

We understand the important role organic matter plays in soil health and fertility. It provides necessary nutrients, improves soil structure, enhances water-holding capacity, and supports beneficial microbial populations. It is also critical in land rehabilitation, particularly in degraded or contaminated soils, as it can help restore soil quality and support the establishment and growth of vegetation.

. Living Turf and EnviroStraw: a true growth partnership

In New Zealand we have partnered with EnviroStraw to offer a range of revegetation and erosion-control solutions that deliver industry-leading results, every time. The team at EnviroStraw are passionate about erosion control and revegetation and determined to change the industry by creating products and services that are easy to use and deliver the desired project outcome.
We are confident in the range we offer as industry-leading products that grow grass and native plants, use less water, and are environmentally sustainable and responsible.

By way of example, the EnviroStraw hydromulch range uses 100% biodegradable, renewable resources, and is engineered to restore disturbed soils to their natural state effectively and sustainably. The strength of the hydromulch lies in its capacity to deliver impressive results with less. By covering up to 50% more area per tank load there are reduced tank refills and therefore, less time and fewer CO2 emissions on site. Not only do you achieve significant cost reductions but also improvements in environmental compliance – a compelling proposition for any client. The hydromulch products also deliver advanced water use efficiency (WUE) to the table, minimising water requirements during both the application process and subsequent watering. This unique characteristic guarantees greater cost-effectiveness and further enhances the environmentally-friendly profile.

ENVIROSTRAW demonstration graphic

. The Envirostraw Range

Envirostraw BMF Complete


BFM Complete

A next generation hydromulch that’s a hydraulic growth media, bonded fibre matrix and biotic growth amendment ALL IN ONE. Just add seed and spray.

Envirostraw BMF



Achieve rapid germination with up to 6-months erosion control with this 100% biodegradable bonded fibre matrix.

Envirostraw ECM



Biotic Soil Amendment. Proven to restore carbon levels in severely depleted soils, even on the steepest slopes.

Envirostraw HGM



An innovative hydro-seeding mulch formulated from renewable natural fibres and containing bio-stimulants and beneficial bacteria and fungi.

Envirostraw Hydrogrip Plus


Hydrogrip Plus

Specially engineered to provide effective binding of organic hydromulch products keeping them on the soil surface on steep gradients.

. Agronomic

Our agronomic programming service works with you to deliver a comprehensive assessment of your turf to create a science-backed program that ensures the ongoing success of your facility. We establish methods to balance soil chemistry, soil moisture distribution, soil biology and prevent diseases based on reliable data and analysis. With a professional agronomical program that dovetails into your operations, you’ll have complete visibility of the structured activities required to attain your aspirations for turf quality.

. How can we help you?

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