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From course flags to maintenance equipment we can provide what you need. Our partnership with David Golf and other suppliers throughout New Zealand and the Pacific region, allows Living Turf to source all the quality products and tools you need to maintain your course.

From flags, poles and putting cups for the course. Below is a list of hardware essentials from David Golf, who have been developing, manufacturing and distributing products to meet the requirements of superintendents, general managers, golf professionals, and turf managers throughout the turf industry, since 1956.

. Premium Putting Cups – Set of 9 cups/pack

No more painting and powder coating of cups – just replace the white insert and they will look as good as new. The anodised finish prevents corrosion on the outer wall of the cup, and the tapered base makes setting the cup a breeze.

David Golf Putting cup
20323-PACK Deluxe Cup
20320-PACK Deluxe Locking Cup with Liner
20328-PACK Deluxe Locking Cup with Natural Base

. Flagpoles – Set of 9 poles/pack

Known for their great strength and flexibility, our flagpoles are all sold inpacks of 9. What’s more,  our Tournament poles (flag sticks) are used worldwide for their high grade appearance and incredible visibility.

Golf Flag Poles
20002-W-D-PACK 7’ Traditional Pole White D
20002-Y-D-PACK 7’ Traditional Pole Yellow D
20016-BKW-D-PACK 7.5’ Tournament Pole British Stripe D
20016-W-D-PACK 7.5’ Tournament Pole White D

. Flags – Set of 9 flags/pack

Made from a lightweight denier nylon, our flags are sensitive to the most gentle breeze, giving golfers a better determination of wind direction. With double rows stitching on the fly hem, ensures durability in extreme wind conditions to ensure long life.

Golf hole flags
20603-B-T-PACK Tube Flag Blue
20603-R-T-PACK Tube Flag Red
20603-W-T-PACK Tube Flag White
20603-Y-T-PACK Tube Flag Yellow
20602-B-T-PACK Tube Flag Blue
20602-R-T-PACK Tube Flag Red
20602-W-T-PACK Tube Flag White
20602-Y-T-PACK Tube Flag Yellow

. Sand Buckets – Box of 200

Our 1.2 litre plastic sand buckets have been incredibly popular for over 30 years. This is due to their hardened plastic handle which is UV protected plus they’re available in a range of colours.

Golf Sand Buckets
30011-B-PACK Sand Bucket Blue
30011-BK-PACK Sand Bucket Black
30011-G-PACK Sand Bucket Green

. Practice Green Markers – Set of 9 markers/pack

For a visible target on your practice green, these durable markers are designed for long-term use with shields and bases manufactured from glass-filled nylon fibreglass rod.

Golf Practice Green Markers
2083-B-PACK PGM Shield Handle Blue
20853-BK-PACK PGM Shield Handle Black
20863-W-PACK PGM with Top Ferrule

. DG Staysharp Back Lapping Paste – 5kg or 15kg buckets

Premixed to save time and money it also ensures consistent results time after time. Formulated from quality silicon carbide abrasive its non toxic and also environmentally friendly.

David golf Staysharp back lapping compound range
20752-F 5 kg Fine (220 grit)
20752-M 5 kg Medium (120 grit)
20752-C 5 kg Coarse (80 grit)
20753-F 15 kg Fine (220 grit)
20753-M 15 kg Medium (120 grit)
20753-C 15 kg Coarse (80 grit)

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