Better decisions guided by Data

. Agronomy: a relentless pursuit of ‘Turfection’

By ‘seeking first to understand’, our agronomists start with soil, plant, and environmental data, to inform recommendations to achieve turf health, performance and durability.

Accurate analytics enables an appropriate management program that ensures the ongoing health and performance of your turf. We also facilitate the use of technology that allows you to instantly see the results of this service and adjust treatment plans accordingly, preventing turf issues from setting you back. In its totality, a turf management program addresses issues including, but not limited to, soil amendment, water treatment, turf nutrition, soil biology, plant conditioning, soil wetting agents, and turf growth regulation.

On top of all that, plant protection needs to be considered, to protect your investment. That can include treatments to guard against damaging disease pathogens, insect pests, invasive weeds, or soil nematodes. Our Living Turf agronomists, through informed decisions aim to simplify this complexity. Only after we understand all of that, do we produce our order book, with which to supply the specialised products that greenkeepers use on a day-to-day basis to make their turf surfaces excel.

. Project management

Living Turf provides hands-on project management teams to oversee critical processes and work closely throughout sports field construction and redevelopment, ensuring installation is aligned to plans. Our team can stage gate and assess the quality and accuracy of contractors’ work and communicate critical aspects, so the team operates with a collective goal.

. Agronomic

Our agronomic programming service works with you to deliver a comprehensive assessment of your turf to create a science-backed program that ensures the ongoing success of your facility. We establish methods to balance soil chemistry, soil moisture distribution, soil biology and prevent diseases based on reliable data and analysis. With a professional agronomical program that dovetails into your operations, you’ll have complete visibility of the structured activities required to attain your aspirations for turf quality.

. How can we help you?

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