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. MATCHPLAY superior turf care

MATCHPLAY® is a range of innovative, professional grade Australian designed and made products. They’ve been proven across iconic turf spaces including Commonwealth Golf Club, Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) and NZ Campus of Innovation and Sport (NZCIS). Developed in partnership with Living Turf the range is constantly being refined across product and deployment. And because better local thinking goes in, you get better results out.

. Innovation born of necessity

Living Turf employs extensive local expertise to develop the MATCHPLAY range of products to match the needs of Australian and New Zealand turf managers. We are proud of the fact that these products are expertly formulated and quality controlled to provide reliable performance, every time.

These qualities are especially evident in MATCHPLAY Superior Liquids – an innovative range of organic, biologically enhanced liquid products that are all locally developed and formulated. They contain soil stable nutrients and nitrogen in a protein form that will not burn turf and is proven to be less susceptible to leaching. Nutrients, stimulants and beneficial microbes are delivered to the plant and soil in one stable, easy-to-use package. The range contains VM3 and VAM technology to optimise nutrition uptake, soil microbe populations and specific plant stimulation.

Case studies demonstrate the uplift MATCHPLAY Superior Liquids bring to turf root health and in collaboration with leading Australian and New Zealand scientists, we can now measure soil microbial populations and their diversity. By establishing population data, before and after programmed applications, the development of soil microbe populations can be directly linked to turf root vigour, density and depth.

“Amazingly, these results are achieved using less applied nutrient and, in most cases, a reduced cost of inputs (fertiliser + chemical). Which is great news for the environment.”

. Just a few of our MATCHPLAY superior liquids

Bringing the science of soil biology to life

MP ROOTS is the backbone of any MP Superior Liquids program. Its root enhancing formulation is accompanied by a wide range of beneficial microbes and a rich organic complex, to replenish and feed soil biology and turf. 
Apply year round to feed turf and soil microbes and grow strong turf roots.

MP NOURISH feeds turf with a balanced NPK for immediate turf response. It is also a principal source of a wide range of beneficial microbes, as well as a rich organic complex, to replenish and feed soil biology.
Apply throughout the warmer periods and high stress situations.

MP REFRESH is a foliar nitrogen, calcium and boron liquid fertiliser with optimal pH, to maximise leaf uptake. It delivers freely available calcium along with protein based organic nitrogen, to strengthen turf and aid recovery.
Excellent for turf recovery after stress, wear, or renovation events.

MP ENRICH is a specially formulated and unique liquid iron chelate and zinc, in order to produce a deep, natural, green turf colour without risk of turf damage.
Perfect for Autumn / Winter application, or when healthy greening is required.

MP REINFORCE punches well above its weight, in terms of its ability to strengthen a turf canopy.  It contains freely available Silica (3% Si) in the form of mono-silicic acid (MSA) – the most plant-available form of silica on the market. Used widely as a tank mix partner with MP ROOTS or MP NOURISH.

MP SAFE N delivers Nitrogen (primarily in a protein form) to guard against leaf burn or damage to soil microbes. A high analysis nitrogen fertiliser (28-0-0), MP SAFE N contains VM3 organics, derived from a patented manufacturing system. 
Apply alone or in a tank mix whenever increased growth rate is desired.

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