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. Turf Solutions backed by science

Every turf situation is environment-specific. We believe the secret to achieving great results is having the right technology, data and minds to get the job done the right way, every time. So since 2003, Living Turf has been accumulating the most diverse range of turf services, scientists and solutions possible. Along the way, we’ve also developed our own innovative and professional grade turf products, such as MatchPlay and Turf Forensics, in order to help your team achieve terrific turf results. Results that have been proven across iconic turf spaces in both Australia and New Zealand.

. Turf agronomy

Agronomy is the science of plants and soil. Our expert ‘Turf Agronomists’ work with professional turf managers and greenkeepers to ensure their turf surfaces are the best they can be, when it’s needed most. From problem solving, to developing complex and multi layered turf management plans, our agronomists strive to be ‘the go to team, behind your team’.

Consultancy Agronomy

. Soil & Turf Ecology

Turfgrass, like any other plant, requires a balanced ecosystem to thrive. The measurement, enhancement and management of soil biology (the living part of soil) is a critical aspect of turf management. Living Turf agronomy experts are trained in soil biology, and armed with the tools, tests, and product technologies to make it thrive.

. Revegetation solutions

At Lving Turf, we understand the important role organic matter plays in soil health and fertility. It provides necessary nutrients, improves soil structure, enhances water-holding capacity, and supports beneficial microbial populations. It is also critical in land rehabilitation, particularly in degraded or contaminated soils, as it can help restore soil quality and support the establishment and growth of vegetation.

Revegetation action

. Digital turf solutions

The collection and interpretation of soil, plant and environmental data, can make for better decision making by professional turf managers. Turf Forensics is a secure, password protected site, where our turf clients can store, interrogate and activate that data, in collaboration with our agronomy experts, for better turf surfaces.

. Greenspace design

Sports field demand is increasing in urban areas and upgrading the carrying capacity and durability of the fields we have is one way to cope with this demand. Living Turf has expertise in the design, specification and project management of turf playing field redevelopment.

. How can we help you?

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