OCP Biologicals fuses local know-how with German technology

Soil without microbes is like a motor without fuel, it just won’t go. And just like a motor, the sort of fuel you put into your soil can have a huge effect on the performance of your turf.

Adding nutrients is only one part of the fuel mix, you need good biology as a catalyst to make things happen.

Good soil biology is created naturally simply by leaving the soil alone and letting nature do its thing. However, intensive turf management does not lend itself to letting nature run wild. The cultural practices of renovation, using high analysis fertilisers, fumigants and pesticides creates an artificial biological balance. This fragile balance can be easily tipped in favour of pests, disease and turf death when a little bit of environmental, physical or chemical stress is applied. The only way to keep the balance firmly on the side of healthy turf is by adopting a biological program that complements your existing cultural practices.

This season we are very excited about the introduction of RhizoVital Turf and Rhizo-Versity: two new biologicals from the Organic Crop Protectants (OCP) which combine German Bacillus bacteria brewing technology from Abitep GmbH with the local expertise of OCP and Trichoderma fungi expert Dr Dean Metcalf from Metcalf Biocontrol. These three companies bring 75 years of combined expert knowledge in the area of the biological isolate selection, manufacturing and use.

The real strength of the RhizoVital Turf and Rhizo-Versity biology lies with the local knowledge and understanding of turf microbiology that OCP has spent over 20 years perfecting.

These products are complemented with a selection of cost effective OCP products that work in harmony with the biology in the two products. Soil products like OCP HUMIC 18 liquid, Eco-flo Gypsum, Lime and Dolomite assist with soil structure and aeration; and the foliar applied Stim-phos immune system enhancer, Aminogro MAXi range of plant based amino acid chelated nutrients and OCP Fulvic 90 guard the sward against stress and disease. The end result is a no fuss biologicals program that allows busy turf manager to implement a very potent biologicals program that keeps the balance firmly in favour of healthy turf.