New Generation Surfactant

Every once in a while, a product comes along that immediately puts a gap between itself and other products in its category, and WETOUT is just that.

When SST first showed Living Turf what this vegetable-based surfactant could do, we immediately thought of better turf mite control, improved coverage of colourants and pigments.

Then, when we tested WETOUT we were blown away by its versatility, compared to other non-ionic surfactants. WETOUT really is the next generation of spray adjuvant (surfactant) and Living Turf are thrilled to represent it exclusively for the Australian Turf market.

In turf situations, spray droplet coverage and target plant contact is critical for product performance. WETOUT has a unique formulation of vegetable-based surfactants that exceeds expectations, with versatility in performance that enhances many spray treatments for turf, including miticides, foliar fertilisers, pigments and growth regulators.

The benefits of WETOUT include:

Superior Spreading – Better coverage
Better Deposition – More product on the target
Less drift – Less loss and better compliance
Improved herbicide performance – Less weeds
Low user rates – Less handling and storage, very cost effective
Environmentally friendly – Biodegradable

“We recently made the change to WETOUT spray adjuvant as an additive to our green foliar apps and winter fairway pigment treatments and were blown away by the results. We witnessed a faster uptake of nutrient and obtained an extremely even colour from both green and fairway applications unlike any other before.” Rob Green – New Brighton Golf Club

“I had not considered using an adjuvant with foliar fertiliser previously. I understood the technology and was very pleased with the considerable improvement in coverage across the plant, minimal striping / shadows on fairways and greens.” Peter Watts – Muirfield Golf Club

WETOUT is a result of extensive research from developer SST, who have a proud history in developing surfactant products for the Australian market.