Boosting Cell Strength and Defences – MATCHPLAY Superior Liquid Range

As a cool spring winds down, it is important to start conditioning turf to handle the rigours of summer that are sure to come.

Summer stresses will be along and having structurally strong turf with an activated immune system is a cornerstone of allowing turf to adapt prior to the onset of stress.

Silicon (Si) and Silica (SiO2) are relatively abundant in soil, but due to their low solubility they are not plant available. Monosilicic acid (MSA) is the highly plant available form that is readily absorbed by roots and foliage – it has may advantages in the plant – increase cell wall strength, increased wear tolerance, increased heat tolerance, increases disease and insect tolerance, stomatal guard cell regulation and stimulated immune system to name a few.

Turf under summer stress struggle to maintain transpiration balance, impacting negatively on temperature regulation, photosynthesis, protein and energy production, nutrient uptake and more. Assisting turf by supplementing L-amino acids – building blocks of all proteins, regulators of stomatal guard cells and essential in chlorophyll production and maintenance – aid in conditioning turf prior to major summer stresses. Planning now will ensure strong capable turf in summer to continue delivering consistent playing surfaces.

MP REINFORCE is a plant stimulant containing 3% Si in the highly plant available monosilicic acid form (MSA).

MP VITALISE is a plant stimulus packages containing L-amino acids, kelp, humates and a comprehensive trace package.

Strong Cells and Plant Defences = Healthy Plants = Consistent Resilient Surfaces