Rob Cooper

Executive Chairman

Rob Cooper started Living Turf in 2003 with the goal of developing a technically competent product distribution service for professional turf managers.

Rob has over 30 years of experience within the industry. Within these 30 years, Rob has over 20 years of technical, marketing and business management experience, with his career in turf agronomy stretching back to 1994. Beginning his career on bowling greens, his practical experience lies in turf wickets and sports field curating and includes a stint with a multinational fertiliser manufacturer.

Rob is a qualified agronomist from The University of Sydney (1994) and is broadly capable in weed, pests and disease control, nutrition, soil and plant science and problem solving. Working equally in golf, sports and open space turf maintenance, his other consultancy activities allow Living Turf to be involved in a variety of construction projects for both sports turf and open public spaces.

In 2001, Rob completed an MBA from Deakin University, providing him with the knowledge and skills to continue to grow and develop Living Turf’s business and processes.